Digital Self Portrait Series


Much of my artwork explores intimacy, and this image demonstrates my reaction to relating with others via technology. I feel that while cell phones and webcams are a great way to communicate, overuse may sometimes obscure our views of ourselves and each other. Physical contact and shared space is an important part of my relationships.

MacBook Pro Webcam, jpeg, 173 KB, 381×288, 5.292’’x4’’, 72dpi

This image was captured with both a webcam and a phone camera. As it is being viewed on your computer screen there are three screens of separations between us: your laptop screen, my webcam lens, and my phone’s camera lens.


Who do you say that I am? A screenshot of the Google image results when you type in my name offers many possible answers. It is interesting to me that both very old and very recent images of me are present here giving a unique look at my past and present.

MacBook Pro Screenshot of Google image search, jpeg, 704 KB, 1194×928, 16.583’’x12.889’’, 72dpi


Panic 9 Ways
The moment I’m capturing may be my reaction to my computer crashing, red enamel paint spilling on my white rug, or realizing I’ve overslept. I chose this image to show my conscientious side. While I aim to be authentically “me” with everyone in my life, I am sensitive to how differently I may come across to each of the people in my life especially in moments of distress.

MacBook Pro Screenshot of Photobooth, jpeg, 1.3 MB, 1600×1078, 22.222’’x14.972’’, 72dpi

I found humor in using software that’s usually meant for documenting fun times with friends to capture a more serious moment.


Art Student Owl
I waste an incredible amount of time browsing through this meme. It helps me to feel connected and understood. This particular image offers one possible explanation for why I work in performance art: I can critique and improve upon my work without necessarily making all of my mistakes archival and haunting.

Saved image from Google image search, jpeg, 101 KB, 500×500, 5.21’’x5.21’’, 96dpi


I’m preparing to move from Melbourne to Tallahassee, and it’s all I can think about lately. I grew up in Tallahassee, and in many ways my identity is wrapped up in that city. I am nervous about moving back home, but excited to be near family again.

Image dragged to desktop from Google Maps, jpeg, 209 KB, 360×357, 5’’x4.96’’, 72dpi

Digital Self Portrait Series

This is a very intimate image to show you what’s literally behind my smile. Teeth are often associated with power and control in a very Jungian way. When I feel like parts of my life are unmanageable I have dreams of my teeth becoming loose or falling out. At this point in my life though, I have strong, healthy teeth and feel very capable and in control of my own life.

Image captured by camera on Blackberry DROID Pro, emailed to Gmail account, and saved, jpeg, 215 KB, 288×386, 4’’x5.36’’, 72dpi


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