My complex relationship with the Internets

ImageThis image illustrates the complexity of my relationship with media as something that interminably creates and destroys ideas.  I spend a considerable amount of time on the computer, and am exposed to countless internet ads, news articles, Facebook updates, junk emails, and Youtube videos.  This exposure renders me vulnerable to the message of the media.  I have chosen to illustrate this vulnerability by replacing the doll’s head with a bubble wand.  The media I consume via computer allows thoughts to take shape in my mind the way a stream of air gives form to bubbles.  However, there is a transient quality to these thoughts and experiences.  Just as soon as they are created they may be destroyed as I choose to ignore ads, close browser windows, delete Farmville requests, and erase their existence.  This creates a very closed environment where only the computer and little bits of my brain harbor faint traces of these happenings.


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