Seeing and being seen, speaking and being spoken to, these are important elements of a relationship.  It is interesting to me that my relationship with media is very similar to my relationships with other humans, but instead of  connecting with other flesh and blood humans, I am connecting with ideas.  This immortalizes yet dehumanizes the very real people I learn about on the news or read about in the paper.  It is also interesting to me how we behave differently when we have the media’s attention.  It makes one question the authenticity of all the media we consume.

-to address the viewer with the eyes of the camera and the human making them aware of their participation in this relationship
-to compose around the symmetry of the two faces, then add interest with the protrusion of the microphone and the negative space of the mouth
-to stop a moment in time with the open eye and mouth
-to contrast the fleshy human with an impersonal, mechanical representation of the media


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