Preliminary Sketches for Reliable Untruths Project

UPDATE: 4/8/2013

How do you feel about this as the final image?


I was especially drawn to Gutschow’s landscapes from the “Reality Bytes” article.  I would like to attempt something similar, but touched by the Southern Gothic…very Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying or A Rose for Emily.  I grew up in a rural area where life and death mingled.  I am hoping to take the darker scenes from my childhood and create believable photomontages by compiling familiar images in a surreal, disturbing way.  I would like to start with cotton fields and an open grave.  This imagery is very historically, politically, and racially charged.

This image needs to be touched up and added to.  I need to weave the cotton, the dirt, and the grave together and fix the lighting on the mound of dirt.  Do you think the mound of dirt is essential?  How would you feel about the inclusion of a black, plastic garbage bag?  I may or may not include human figures.  I feel that the presence of people may push it into a more didactic rather than documentary realm.  I think the black and white adds to the believability of this photo.  What do you think?

I almost used this image for the field, but felt it was too well composed and fantastic to be convincing:

So I went with one that felt more like an honest snapshot:

And added the grave from this photo:


2 thoughts on “Preliminary Sketches for Reliable Untruths Project”

  1. I like where this is heading. Good call on the photo choice. The other one is almost too lovely to feel like a real place. Although, more clouds would be nice in the other photo. Just not as dramatic. I like the mound of dirt but it may not be essential. I think I would still read it as a grave without it. Of course, the mound of dirt also makes it more believable. Just a grave with no visible dirt may be too surreal. I am not sure about the black plastic bag. I didn’t make a connection when you suggested it. Can you tell me more? I vote no figures. The lack of people intrigues me. I wondered who dug the grave? Where are they? Did they dig their own? Are they in it? Black andd white, definitely!

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