Introvert/Extrovert Self Portraits

I’m a fairly even split of introverted and extroverted.  As a person who values authenticity in myself and others, I’m often troubled by this dual nature.  Which one is “the real me”?

Unsurprisingly the answer is “both”. During adolescence it was especially difficult for me to embrace both parts of my personality as authentically “me”.  My introverted self would get impatient with (and sometimes jealous of) that happy-go-lucky, extroverted social butterfly that possessed my body and brain when people were around.  Alternatively, my extroverted self would become suspicious of and embarrassed by the pensive dreamer that could only thrive in intense solitude.  An important part of my maturing into adulthood was helping these two understand each other and play nice.  Sometimes as I’m transitioning from one mode into another, they give each other a little wink and a nod, and I smile. 🙂



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