Though I used to supplement my income by working as a princess entertainer for Starlite Princess Parties, I now earn extra cash as a tutor. This morning one of my students was studying polygons- flat, closed shapes made of three or more straight lines. Like squares. Or pentagons. Or octagons. Or….


My brilliant student and I chuckled at a sad truth for heptagon. These seven-sided beauties are only one letter away from being….


From there, it’s a downward spiral. Once you “herp” you have to “derp”. Behold the…

It forgot how to polygon.

I feel like this story should have a moral, so I made one up. The moral of the herpderptagon is to refrain from taking any polygon (or person) too seriously, for they may be just a smidgen away from total silliness.

I’m not sure if I should count this as integrating art into math curriculum or if it’s “playful learning”, but I do know my student is never going to forget how many sides a heptagon has.


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