Ridiculous Research Tips

My research mandala.  So.  Many.  Post-its.
My research mandala. So. Many. Post-its.

To do anything well, I must allow it to consume me.  Research is no different.  I’m deeply conscientious (see, I’m even conscious of my conscientiousness), so the satisfaction of being a responsible student motivates me, but only to a point.  Invariably I reach a phase of burnout where the desire to be a good student is outweighed by the desire for other needs…like sleep and human interaction.  Honestly, I’m in one of those phases now, but there’s one thing that is helping me get back on that horse.  I ignore all the usual, sensible pieces of advice and set my brain on fire.

Get plenty of sleep.  If you are in the zone, work late into the night or first thing in the morning.
Pace yourself.  BINGE RESEARCH.  It’s okay to crave knowledge like the delicious luxury that it is.
Wear something professional and go to a public place to work more efficiently  Pajama pants+couch+laptop+a mandala made out of your own notes=where you will probably accomplish most of your work.
Block off time in your schedule for research.  Every minute of your life is now devoted to research, especially if you are driving, showering, or trying to fall asleep.
Keep snacks handy.  Wait…no…that’s a good one.  Definitely keep snacks handy. 🙂  Baby carrots are my favorite.

In short, I can’t research in moderation.  For me, it’s easier to take the plunge and allow my life time to recover later.


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